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New TV series will be filmed in Faro

NEW TV SERIES WILL BE FILMED IN FAROFaro in the Algarve is the setting for the recording of a new TV series that will premiere in September on RTP.

Filming of the series, directed by Joaquim Leitão, began in February and should only end in mid-April. The series will share the same name as the Algarve city in which it is being filmed.

The project written by Tiago Navarro and André Guerra dos Santos talks about real estate speculation, which is a very common practice in Portugal, consisting of acquiring properties with the aim of obtaining more profits through the enhancement of infrastructure.

In an interview, the production director, Sandra Alves, stated that this “is a localized story, which has to do with the problems of the community itself and, therefore, we try as much as possible to be in emblematic areas and address themes that worry people.” She also highlights that the fact that the series takes place in the Algarve led to them prioritizing the hiring of professionals from the area.

“Everything in this environment usually takes place in Lisbon and, therefore, in this project, we try as much as possible to involve local professionals, although most of the people in our environment who work here also work there”, highlights Sandra Alves.

The premiere of “Faro” is scheduled for September and the cast includes well know names in Portuguese TV such as Luís Vicente, Tânia Silva, José Jesus and João de Brito.

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