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Olhão: Woman arrested for stabbing her partner to death

OLHÃO: WOMAN ARRESTED FOR STABBING HER PARTNER TO DEATHA woman was arrested and detained after, allegedly under the influence of alcohol, fatally attacking her partner with a knife last Friday, in Olhão.

Believed to be drunk, she accused her partner of having a lover and stabbed him with a knife, causing his death.

“The Public Prosecutor's Office requested the preventive detention of the detainee, which was granted by the Criminal Investigation Judge”, according to a statement from the Public Prosecutor's Office of the District of Faro.

This decision was taken after the Public Prosecutor of the Olhão section of the Department of Investigation and Criminal Action (DIAP) presented the first judicial interrogation of the 35 year old woman to the Criminal Investigation Court of Faro, who indicted her for a crime of qualified homicide of her 50 year old partner.

According to the Public Prosecutor's report, last Friday, in a house in Olhão, “the detainee bit her partner on the forehead” and then, at around 11:00p.m., after accusing him of having a lover, the suspect “equipped herself with a knife and, under an apparent alcoholic state, struck her companion in the right pectoral region and left dorsal region, causing his death”.

After the crime, “the woman left the scene” and the following morning “surrendered herself to the PSP police station” in Olhão.

After the attack, the victim was rescued at the scene by emergency teams, but it was not possible to perform resuscitation, and death was declared at the scene by the doctor from the National Institute of Medical Emergency (INEM).

Source https://postal.pt/


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