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Vila Real de Stº António: Man seriously injured in a collision between car and moped

VILA REAL DE STº ANTÓNIO: MAN SERIOUSLY INJURED IN A COLLISION BETWEEN CAR AND MOPEDA collision between a moped and a car yesterday afternoon on the municipal road 511, known as Estrada da Mata, near the Vila Real de Stº António lighthouse, has seriously injured a 53 year old Portuguese man.

The alert was given at 5:14 pm, resulting in an INEM helicopter being dispatched to the scene, in which the seriously injured man was transported to Faro Hospital.

The other driver, a 49 year old Spanish woman, was slightly injured and was transported to the same hospital unit, in a Tavira Fire Department ambulance.

In total, 20 emergency crew were involved in the relief operation, supported by 7 vehicles from the Vila Real de Stº António / Castro Marim Volunteer Firefighters, Tavira Municipal Firefighters, INEM, PSP and the Municipal Civil Protection Service.


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