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Join the Silves Cork Factory demonstration - Friday 10th May

JOIN THE SILVES CORK FACTORY DEMONSTRATION - FRIDAY 10TH MAYPlease join the ‘Neighbours of the Factory’ this Friday,10th May at 9.30am, outside the Camara building in Silves, to demonstrate for the right to breathe clean air.

Amorim Cork Installation in Silves are continuing to pollute the environment, even though they have promised to install filters to stop the noxious smoke from their chimneys, and improve the noise levels.

A TV film crew will be present to film this demonstration, as representatives of Amorim, the vice-president of Silves Camara, the CDDR, Pestana Golf and the Neighbours of the Factory meet for their 11th quarterly meeting to discuss the problem.

Please show your support on Friday 10th May - we have a right to breathe clean air.

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