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Lagoa: Ex-boyfriend who stabbed Joana Nascimento in the neck gets 8 year sentence

LAGOA: EX-BOYFRIEND WHO STABBED JOANA NASCIMENTO IN THE NECK GETS 8 YEAR SENTENCEYesterday, the young man accused of stabbing his 25 year old ex-girlfriend, Joana Nascimento, in June 2023 in Lagoa, was sentenced to eight years and six months in prison by the Court of Portimão.

When reading the sentence, the judge considered that the number of years stipulated in the agreement may seem reduced, but explained that the final decision took into account that the death ended up not being caused directly by the blows inflicted by the young man.

“But there was an intention to take her life,” he said.

The Public Prosecutor's Office had requested a 14 year prison sentence for Tiago Souto, aged 22, with the court confirming today the crime of “qualified homicide in the attempted form”.

The facts date back to June 15, 2023, when the man waited for his ex-girlfriend to leave for work and, when she was inside the car, struck her twice in the neck with a razor.

Joana Nascimento received hospital treatment and was discharged on the same day, but was hospitalised again on June 22nd at Portimão Hospital, with a serious infection caused by her injuries.

The victim was transported by helicopter to Santa Maria Hospital, in Lisbon, where she died on the night of June 23rd, as a result of a post-traumatic abscess, complicated by sepsis, according to the autopsy report.

The judge asked the convict to, “during his stay in prison, meditate on the path he is taking and modify his behaviour, because he is still very young”.

The judge also highlighted the “need to put an end” to a series of “escalating” violent behaviours on the part of the young convict.

The court also ordered the payment of compensation of 5,000 euros to the victim's family.

Source Lusa

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