Portimão: 14 year old becomes pregnant after sexual abuse

PORTIMÃO: 14 YEAR OLD BECOMES PREGNANT AFTER SEXUAL ABUSEIn Portimão, a man has now been arrested on suspicion of sexually abusing a 14 year old girl, causing her to become pregnant.

In a statement, the police revealed that they arrested the 41 year old man “for the alleged authorship of several crimes of sexual abuse of dependent minors, or those in a particularly vulnerable situation and violating their private life”.

The crimes were committed between July 2022 and October 2023, in Portimão, "making the victim a teenager who at the time the events began had turned 14". According to a police source, the suspect was placed under house arrest after the first judicial interrogation.

The investigation conducted by the Portimão Criminal Investigation Department was initiated following the detection of the minor's pregnancy, who gave birth at the end of last year.

The police statement says, “the significant sexual contacts took place inside the suspect’s home, who took advantage of the relationship of trust he had with the minor”.

Source https://www.algarveprimeiro.com/

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