Man's body found floating in Olhão fishing port

MAN'S BODY FOUND FLOATING IN OLHÃO FISHING PORTThe body of a man was found floating inside the fishing port of Olhão on Wednesday afternoon, with the causes of the incident so far unknown.

After an alert at around 4pm, via member of the public who was in the area, members of the Olhão Maritime Police Local Command and INEM's Emergency and Resuscitation Medical Vehicle (VMER) immediately went to the scene.

The 45 year old Guinean man declared dead at the scene by the VMER doctor.

“Upon arriving at the scene, it was found that it was the body of a man, and it was removed from the water by a member of the public who was in the area,” says the National Maritime Authority in a statement.

“Death was declared on site by the VMER doctor, and the body was transported, after contact with the Public Ministry, to the Institute of Legal Medicine of Faro”.

The Olhão Maritime Police Local Command took charge of the incident.​​

Source https://postal.pt/

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