“Safe Summer 2024” program will provide greater security for tourists

“Safe Summer 2024” program will provide greater security for touristsThe Minister of Internal Administration said on Friday that the “Safe Summer 2024” program will provide “more and better” security conditions, for nationals and tourists who choose to holiday in Portugal.

Margarida Blasco stressed that this operation will “provide more and better security and protection conditions to citizens, or those who chose Portugal to spend their summer holidays."

The “Safe Summer 2024” Program, in force between June 15th and September 15th, is carried out by the country's main security and civil protection authorities. The PSP, GNR and Civil Protection will provide “more integrated responses during this period”, carrying out “collaborative work” and developing “coordinated and complementary actions”.

This program is in place every year during the summer, when there is a growing number of tourists in certain areas such as the Algarve, causing a substantial increase in population. The 'Safe Summer' program was only initially carried out in the Algarve region, but was extended to Lisbon, Porto and beaches with greater tourist pressure last year.

The National Republican Guard (GNR) will reinforce patrolling in summer resorts, events, nightlife establishments and venues, main road junctions, borders, residences and forest protection, increasing support and inspection, especially in areas with larger concentrations of holidaymakers and tourists.

The Public Security Police (PSP) aims to increase the population's sense of security during the summer season by concentrating its operational capacity on bathing, tourist and commercial areas, nightlife areas, residential areas and main road arteries, especially those that serve bathing/beach areas and where there is a greater influx of people and vehicles, as well as a greater number of public transport users.

Margarida Blasco has not yet gone in to the more finer details about the negotiations with the PSP unions and GNR associations, saying that she will only address this issue with the media after a meeting between the two parties, scheduled for tomorrow, July 9th.

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