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“I killed Maddie McCann and I am going to kill you”

albufeira2The British woman, stabbed multiple times in the early hours of last Thursday morning at an address in Albufeira, has been released from hospital as further details are revealed as to her attacker and the events leading up to her being knifed in a frenzied assault.

The man arrested on suspicion of the attack on Clara Corrigan, is 22-year old Briton ‘Shane’ who worked in a restaurant in Oura.

The victim was on holiday with her parents and became friendly with her assailant, returned to his house after a night out and was attacked in the back and buttocks with repeated blows from a kitchen knife.

The woman’s screams already had woken up the neighbourhood and when she staggered to a nearby house she quickly was let in, the alarm was raised and emergency services were called.

Now released from hospital Corrigan claimed in an interview with Correio da Manha that her attacker shouted “I killed Maddie McCann and I am going to kill you,” as he launched his attack.  

Clara Corrigan, from Liverpool met Shane in the Oura area in a bar, “We had some drinks and he must have put something in my drink because I don’t recall anything more."

When Corrigan regained her faculties in the house Shane live in, she claims he shouted about his responsibility for Madeleine McCann’s death as he attacked her.  She broke free and fled to seek help.

Shane was found covered in blood wandering the area. He offered no resistance to police and claimed that he remembered being in the bar in Oura but did not remember anything from that point on. He now has quite a few questions to answer.

Meanwhile police from Britain and Portugal have cordoned off an area of scrubland in Praia da Luz as they prepare to search the area with ground-penetrating radar. 

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