World record for 100% renewable energy use

pvA world record was achieved by Costa Rica which so far this year has powered itself exclusively by renewable energy.

The Central American country is admired for its green energy policies. Now it has outstripped all other nations in the world by using only renewable energy to generate power from the beginning of 2015.

Heavy rains this year helped propel the country meet its eco-friendly goals. It aims to be “carbon neutral” by 2021.

Geography has dealt it a fair hand in this regard as the tropical climate regularly brings high rainfalls and the mountain terrain fosters hydro-power from waterfalls. Four-fifths of the country’s electricity needs are met by hydro-power.

A string of active volcanoes has been useful in creating geothermal projects for electricity production.

Costa Rica has invested also in wind, biomass and solar energy plants.

Its relatively low population of 4.8 million inhabitants and little heavy industry are further advantages.

Costa Rica is a well-to-do country, one of the most developed in South America, with annual prosperity which measures above some EU nations.

Last year, 93% of its energy was generated renewably. A new geothermal project, costing $958 million, will up that percentage when it starts operating.

Back in Blighty, not quite 15% of all the electricity generated was from renewable sources.

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-9 #1 simon 2015-04-05 17:28
Brilliant! Role model for other economies! Costa Rica also has no army and zero defence spending, What a sensible state!

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