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Far-right party gets going in the European Parliament

4794A far-right political group has been able to form in the European Parliament, headed by Marine Le Pen.

The group was only able to be recognised due to the defection of a British MEP from the Ukip group.

EU parliamentary rules require a group to have representation from at least seven countries and a minimum of 25 MEPs. This was achieved, after a year of wrangling, when Janice Atkinson, former Ukip MEP, went over to Ms Le Pen.

The group will be entitled to €17.5 million of public funds spread over four years.

It will also wield more influence, more “firepower” as Ms Le Pen puts it, as it will have speaking time and the possibility of committee roles.

The group comprises far-right parties from France, the Netherlands, Austria, Italy, Belgium, Poland and the UK.

Parties who oppose the EU from both the Left and the Right performed more strongly than ever before in elections last year.

Ukip expelled Ms Atkinson before those elections after her chief of staff was filmed allegedly arranging false expenses with a restaurant owner.

Ms Atkinson said she would bring her “unique perspective”, and her far-Right allies, to the debate on Britain’s referendum on the European Union.

For its part, Ukip distanced itself from Ms Atkinson and from Le Pen´s Front National, saying that they would have nothing to do with it. Previously they had criticised the party as one of “prejudice and anti-Semitism”.

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-5 #1 Rog Talbot 2015-06-16 22:08
So now we have Far Left Greeks about to crash the eurozone. Far Rights from across Europe planning to crash the EU.

Big countries like Germany and the UK openly complaining that EU reforms are needed.

And small countries like Portugal - buffeted by any passing wind and with no-one listening to them - in the middle.

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