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First Aid posts for 32 of the Algarve's top beaches

beach feetThe setting up of summer first aid posts was such a success last year that the Regional Health Administration again is running the scheme.

32 of the Algarve region’s beaches will have first aid posts from this Monday June 29th to the end of August, from 10:30 to 19:30, although at seven very popular beaches the service will run until 13 September.

Injuries from falls, bruises, fish and spider bites, heat stroke, sunburn and other problems resulting from overdoing it in the sun were some of the problems last year that were dealt with on site in the special first aid posts which again will operate in cooperation with the Portuguese Red Cross.

These beach-based posts offer nursing care where trained staff can sort out a range of basic clinical situations on site. If further care is needed the user is taken to the nearest clinic or hospital.

Since 2010, each of these first aid posts have had a phone link to the Emergency Patients Guidance Center at the National Institute of Medical Emergencies so additional professional advice can be given and hospitalisation arranged if need be.

The seven beaches where the service will be extended to September 13 are Rocha Baixinha Nascente (Albufeira), Quarteira (Loulé), Ilhas do Farol (Faro) and of Tavira (Tavira), Praia da Rocha (Portimão), Armação de Pêra (Silves) and Monte Gordo (Vila Real de Santo António).

This is a welcome scheme which assures beach goers that help is at hand should they need it while reducing the pressure on hospital emergency services during the peak summer season.

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