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Spanish hopes rise for another tourist record

spanishwomanbeachSpain is riding the crest of a wave of substantially increased tourist numbers.

A record 60.8 million people visited the country between January and October.

The figure represents a 4.4% increase in numbers compared to the first ten months of 2014.

In October alone, 6.5 million visitors entered Spain, making an enormous 10% rise over October 2014.

The rapid rise has led experts to predict another record-breaking year for the industry.

The Brits were in the lead. Out of the 6.5 million total in October, British tourists accounted for 1.6 million or 25% of the whole.

German and French visitors came in nearly equal numbers, 16% and 15% respectively, just about one million from each country.

Spain appears to be benefitting from the unrest experienced in other traditional holiday spots, such as Egypt and Tunisia. The weak euro has been another pull for people hoping to find value for money.

The data released this week comes from Spain’s National Statistics Office.

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