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Olhão council scheme to modernise historic centre

olhaocalcada2Proposals to redevelop Olhão’s historic centre have been submitted to a council whose recent destruction of four of the city’s historic cobbled squares seems to have been just the start or a project to modernise history.

The mayor of Olhão and the city's councillors attended a presentation by architect Pedro Ravara from Baixa Atelier de Arquitectura Lda in LIsbon who outlined a plan to regenerate Olhão’s historical centre and seafront.

Olhão council approves budget and digs up its history

olhaomarketThe municipal budget for Olhão has been approved at a special city council meeting over the weekend. The council has been running the municipality on the standby formula, using 1/12th of the previous year’s budget every month.

Novo Rumo abstained, and the Left Bloc and the Communists voted against the budget.