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Olhão's disappearing views

OlhaoRiaViewThe feeling that the inhabitants of Faro have about the splendid scenery of the Ria Formosa is one of great disappointment loss due to the construction, a century ago, of the railway line and the embankment that supports it, which shut off the view over the city's waterfront.

So when any Faro resident goes to Olhão he can still view with a particular fascination the magnificent landscape of the islands, the marshes, the fishing boats, the setting of the sun below the distant horizon - it’s an ever changing scenario that feeds those feelings that touch our Atlantic souls.

Olhão council to preserve historic city centre

olhaoOlhão council has approved mayor Pina’s proposal to improve and restore the city’s historic centre, in part by offering tax breaks to owners wishing to undertake work.

The plan now needs to be voted through by the full assembly and represents a major step forward in the council's plans to preserve and promote the historic zone as unique in the region.

Save Olhão - register your views on the proposed modernisation of the historic centre

olhaoThe following is an appeal to concerned citizens of Olhão and those that know and love the city, to email the President of the Council, António Miguel Pina, to urge him to pay attention to comments and helpful criticism to ensure the current plans for the city centre are re-thought and not implemented as they currently exist.

The redevelopment plans for the wider municipality of Olhão (PDM) have entered a period of public consultation. (Appendix D)

Olhão residents agree to reject the current Historic City Centre plans

olhaocalcada4Satuday evening saw up to 100 foreigners and local Portuguese meeting at the historic Sociedade Recreativa social club building for the launch of a helpful document that the council is advised to consider when planning any changes to Olhão's historic centre.

All agreed that the work so far in Olhão has been out of keeping with the historic nature of the city with modern paving and lighting in a city that was vibrant and progressive even in Napoleonic times.

Protest against the redevelopment plan for Olhão

Protest against the redevelopment plan for OlhãoAs you may know, the Olhão Câmara has commissioned plans for a comprehensive redevelopment of the Baixa in Olhao. 

Much of the proposed redevelopment contradicts the principles in the wider Plano Diretor Municipal (PDM) for Olhão which is now open for public consultation and can be seen on the Câmara’s website www.cm-olhao.pt under ‘Aberto período de audiência pública para revisão do PDM’.

Development plans for the historic area of Olhão

olhaocalcada3The plans for the historic centre of Olhão are now available - see below.

Olhão council has not yet made these available to the local population so the plans are published on our website to give interested parties a chance to consider if the proposed changes are sensible, sympathetic, fair, in keeping and will attract more tourists to this historic city, or not.  See below for the link.

'I Love Olhão' Facebook page set up by concerned residents

olhaocalcada4Another €12m has been agreed for a second stage of ‘urban renewal’ in Olhão and locals are being kept in the dark about a plan which includes widening streets to make vehicle access easier rather than increasing the area of pedestrian only zones

This Facebook page, I LOVE OLHÃO, has been set up to keep people informed about these plans, and to provide a platform for the community to express views and comments, in the hope that public opinion properly will be taken into consideration before any plans are implemented.


City centre development - Loulé to rejuvenate - Olhão to destroy

olhaoLoulé council wants to rejuvenate its ancient town centre and is to engage fully with its ratepayers and voters to ensure that the final plans have the best possible chance of success through consensus and discussion.

A public consultation period is in progress and Loulé council welcomes comments on the proposed area covered and on the detail put forward by the city planners.