Hotel organises Ria Formosa clean up

realmarinaolhaoThe Real Hotels Group has organised a ‘Let's Clear up the Ria Formosa’ day on the 17th May which aims to return the Ria Formosa to its natural state and is fully aware of the damage caused throughout the year due to ‘a variety of causes.’

The Real Marina Hotel & SPA in Olhão overlooks the Ria Formosa and those using the glass sided lift can rise to the 4th floor and see the Ria Formosa and the islands of Farol, Culatra and others laid out before them. It is important for the hotel’s tourist appeal and important for those whose incomes depend on the Ria Formosa and for those who live in Olhão.

Through the crisis the hotel has focused on attracting tourists with the lure of its 5 star facilities, the view over the Ria Formosa and the seafood delights of Olhão a short walk along the sea front.

News reports in the last year of shellfishermen banned from working due to high pollution levels in the sensitive Ria Formosa will not have helped improve the image of the area. The overburdened sewage treatment plant that Aguas do Algarve finally admitted was the source of many of the pollutants is only a few kilometres from the hotel and has been pumping its chemical-laden overload into the marine environment, yet the water company says it will not fix the old plant, and can not complete a new plant with sufficient capacity until 2017 at the earliest.

Faro council runs an annual, highly publicised shoreline litter clear-up using volunteers. The initiative of the Real Marina Hotel in clearing up the environment is both welcome and good for business but the responsibilty for litter and shoreline rubbish collection normally is that of the local council.
"As a 100% Portuguese group we focus on involvement with local communities where our hotels are located. In this 20th anniversary year for Real Hotels Group we are combining our promotion of Olhão as a destination with the first of many conservation initiatives in the Ria Formosa and its unique environment, landscape and culture," said António Gonçalves from the Real Hotels Group.

"It is with great pleasure that we unite our employees and partners in the local community to restore the equilibrium of this natural area which is so important to the community of Olhão as part of the country's natural heritage."

riaformosaThe ‘Let's Clear up the Ria Formosa’ event will take place on May 17 between 09.00 and 13.00 at the Real Marina Hotel & SPA.

The initiative has the support from Olhão council,  Parque Natural da Ria Formosa, AmbiOlhão, Natura Algarve and Passeios na Ria Formosa. Aguas do Algarve is noticable by its absence.

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