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Millennium BPC's Salgados Praia Grande eco-Resort "cannot legitimately advance"


Almargem, the Algarve based environmental protection organisation, has applied to the Environmental Fund for study into several important wetlands in the region which, for various reasons, have never properly been classified.

Trafal and Foz do Almargem were included in the application, as the nearby Quinta do Oceano development has been given the green light despite its impact on the natural area.

Quinta do Oceano is being promoted by Invesfundo VII - Special Fund for Real Estate Investment, linked to the former Espírito Santo Group, which acquired rights over the entire green zone.

According to the Algarve Regional Coordination and Development Commission, the project includes, "a total of 29 lots, 1 aparthotel, 499 commercial and residential properties including 6-storey buildings with shops, single-family house and detached single-family houses" over 12.5 hectares.

If the project progresses, 2.6 hectares adjacent to the lagoon will be left as the coastal plan prohibits construction.

Various proposals have been presented to Loulé Council to classify these wetlands as a locally protected area but the Council decided to delay any such move, preferring tourist accommodation to wetland areas.

The Sapais de Pêra and Lagoa dos Salgados also were included in the application, as the threat of the wholesale destruction of this area remains in the hands of Millennium-BCP which now owns the controversial Praia Grande eco-Resort project which it has been trying to sell.

Salgados, the focus of a 34,000 signature environmental petition to preserve the area, (HERE) was included in as January 2018 resolution to the Assembly of the Republic by the Algarve's MPs 'to preserve wetlands in the Algarve.'

Almargem says of the Praia Grande eco-Resort that there remain “some significant gaps in scientific and socio-economic knowledge, which is a credible argument that the planned urbanisation for this area cannot legitimately advance"

Also included in Almargem’s application to the Environmental Fund is the Alagoas Brancas wetland in Lagoa where the council are happy for a supermarket to be built.

Over a year ago, Almargem demanded that studies were commissioned on the conservation importance of this site, which the Portuguese Environmental Association and the Nature and Forestry Institute have never completed.

One of the wetlands initially proposed was Paúl de Lagos but this has been removed from the application as Lagos Council has approved its protection.



Salgados natural area, as now...


...and with the 'Praia Grande eco-Resort'

The Save Salgados petition is still open - click HERE

* The 'Friends of Lagoa dos Salgados' platform includes the following organisations:

A Rocha, Aldeia, Algarve123, www.algarvedailynews.com, Almargem, Birding in Portugal, Birdwatching Algarve, LPN, Portugal Resident, ProActiveTur, Quercus, SPEA

To see the resort promotional video and read the associated comments, click HERE


Read also: Salgados Praia Grande ‘eco-resort’ - “oversized, illegal and destructive”

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+2 #1 Ruth hurst 2019-05-26 23:14
How can the government possible allow this to happen. The distruction of an amazingly beautiful bird reserve with many different species. A treasure which any other country would protect with pride and love.

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