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Salgados update … about time too!

Flamingos at SalgadosSo this is a Salgados update, and the first question I want to answer is “Why’s it taken so long?

The short answer is that ever since last November I have been asked to keep shtum about the latest developments, despite being intimately involved with them … and as one who prefers taking action it’s been a tough call let me tell you!

Protected Rare Plant may save Salgados

Linaria AlgarvianaThe discovery of world’s largest colony of Protected Rare Plant may still save Salgados Wildlife Sanctuary. The Portuguese Government is being asked this week whether it will fulfill its responsibility to protect the recent discovery of the largest colony of one of the rarest plants in the world.

This discovery has been made on land that is controversially scheduled for “development”.

Salgados eco-group injunction to 'defend the public interest'

egretThe need to "defend the public interest” and to highlight the “shortcomings detected in the impact assessment process” were the two key reasons used by the Friends of Salgados environmental organisations to lodge last week’s injunction against the Praia Grande development near Armaçao de Pêra, Silves proposed by developer Finalgarve.

The injunction was lodged at the Fiscal Court in Loulé to halt the development plan for Salgados/Praia Grande by Finalgarve, and to seek the annulment of the flawed Environmental Impact Statement.

Silves council opposes injunction at Salgados/Praia Grande

salgados aerialSuch is the balance of power at Silves council the mayor, despite having registered her disapproval at the plans to turn the Salgados and Praia Grande areas into a large tourism development, has had to report that the council as a body elect decided last Wednesday to oppose the injunction logged in Loulé court by environmental groups to have the Salgados/Praia Grande project declared illegal.

Injunction lodged to stop Finalgarve's Praia Grande development near Lagoa dos Salgados

salgadosSix environmental organisations have lodged an injunction in Loulé court to block the building of the Praia Grande tourist complex near Lagoa dos Salgados, Armaçao de Pêra, Silves.

The project submitted by Finalgarve, part of the property arm of failed bank BPN, was approved by Silves council under the leadership of Isabel Soares and was passed by the Minister of the Environment in November 2011 despite an international online petition of over 32,000 signatures and much local opposition.

Silves Mayor against Praia Grande development at Salgados

egretThe new Mayor of Silves does not agree with the real estate and tourism project planned for Praia Grande, near Lagoa dos Salgados, but admits that "with all that has been previously approved, it will be very difficult now to alter the situation.”

Speaking to Sul Infomaçao, Rosa Palma reacted well to the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) which was 'favorable with conditions’ issued on October 30 by the Secretary of State for the Environment, Paulo Lemos.

Salgados development - permission granted in shock decision

lemosIn what history may judge as a defining act of environmental vandalism the Secretary of State for the Environment, Paulo da Silva Lemos, has decreed that the building of the 360 hectare Praia Grande resort next to Lagoa dos Salgados, Silves can go ahead on one of  the last remaining wildlife havens left along the Algarve's coastline.

The man in charge of Portugal’s environment has allowed the developer, Finalgarve, to proceed with its monster plan to build over this sensitive birdland area with the construction of tourist accommodation, three hotels, and a golf course opposite the existing and extensive Herdade dos Salgados golf course, tourist accommodation blocks and conference centre.

Decision made on Salgados development

salgados aerialThe State Secretary for the Environment has made up his mind on the controversial Salgados development in the Silves area, not that he has let anyone know yet.

The proposed Finalgarve development has provoked an unparalleled 22,000 signature international petition demanding that the area remains as a wildlife haven and important resting and breeding ground for indigenous and migrating birds.