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Swedes help Portugal's Sales

Karin E-Palmquist talking to the Swedes in the Algarve.Nobody knows quite how many Swedes live in the Algarve and Alentejo regions. There are some 550,000 Swedes, 1 in 16, living outside Sewden and 25% of these certainly are retired. The best estimate is that are about 4,000 Swedes in Portugal.

Most of them tell about our products and tourism to their friends who increasingly are buying homes here since the law changed to exempt them from IMI. Properties, such as villas and luxury flats are easily sold.

Karin E-Palmquist talking to the Swedes in the Algarve.Karin E-Palquist was ambassador in Mexico, Venezuela, Australia and New Zealand and head of protocol in Stockholm. Retired, she is now head of the association 'Swedes in the World.'

The Nordic countries, unlike Portugal, even though a large community abroad, do not have a Secretary of State.

It is this association which makes the contact between 550,000 and the government. Suggestions of general or particular nature are taken directly to ministers.

Karin has already achieved a lower tax for the retired who still pay taxes there, and other rights for all expatriates. Member fees and a lot of volunteer work support the association, not the taxpayer.

Karin came to meet Swedes in the Algarve, some 400 people, and was delighted with what she saw here and promises to return.

Local legend, author, micro-business and and eco-exponent Jack Soifer is the contact for this community.

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