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Algarve Brazilian Citizens Bridge to Government

Jack Soifer & Ambassador Manuel Innocêncio.A few days ago at the consulate of Brazil in Faro, started the Council of Citizenship. It aims to help the Brazilian Foreign Ministry to support its citizens south of the Tagus, except in border towns to Lisbon.

Among other activities they will schedule a monthly lunch with some cultural venue, issue a newsletter and also organize continued education for adults who wish to complete their degrees.

Jack Soifer & Ambassador Manuel Innocêncio.Ten councilors were elected; as coordinators Jack Soifer, author of books on tourism and economy and Ronaldo Schultz, professor at the University of the Algarve. The president of the Council is Ambassador Manuel Innocêncio. This is a more advanced model than the Portuguese; it is used also in Sweden in direct contact, without bureaucracy, with citizens already established in Portugal, supporting the needy and newcomers.

Next meeting will be October 5, election date in Brazil.


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