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Edd's Beach project - Loulé Court issues injunction but work continues

pintadinhobeachReports on the situation at the Edd’s Beach development at Pintadinho beach near Ferragudo show the construction work already exceeds the dimensions agreed by Lagoa council in August 2017, after a court order allowed the beachside restaurant project to go ahead.
Since building work started in March 2018, efforts have been made to have the work halted if it deviates from the approved project.
Additional complaints have included the destruction of ecological beachside land, the restriction of public access to the beach and the possible hampering of emergency service access to the beach in the event of an emergency.
The sequence of events on 26th and 27th April is as follows (see pictures below):
On the morning of April 26th Loulé Court issued two injunctions: the first is to Lagoa Council and the second to Neptune Charisma Lda, the company representing the developer of Edd’s Beach, Edwin Opstelten.
The injunctions placed an embargo on all building work and required Lagoa Council and Neptune Charisma Lda to confirm, within two days, that all work being carried out is in accord with the terms and conditions contained in the approved building project.
Taking advantage of a two-day window of opportunity, the developer and his contractors arrange for two loaded concrete mixers to arrive at the Pintadinho site on the 27th of April, which they do, at 08.30.
Shortly afterwards, a mobile concrete pump arrives to pour the four-metre deep walls of the foundation of the restaurant. This creates space for a basement, even though a basement is not included in the approved project plan and the foundations should therefore be only 0.5 metres deep.
At 9.00 am a telephone call was received by the Council which protested that trucks with concrete mixers had started to work on site in spite of the injunction received by the Council  the previous day.
The Council responded saying that their Inspectors were on the way to the site. At the same time the GNR was advised of events.
At 9.40 the concrete pumping finished and the concrete mixers and the mobile pump leave the site.
At 10.05 a manager inspects the completed work and makes a phone call, leaving at 10.30. The site workers leave shortly afterwards.
Twenty minutes later, Council Inspectors and officers of the Maritime Police arrive at the now empty site and ponder the newly poured concrete foundation walls.
Feel free to email Lagoa Mayor, Francisco Matins, with your views, maybe attaching a link to this news item, (below) and ask if the project is progressing within the stated dimensions.
Presidente of Lagoa Council, Francisco Martins gapresidente@cm-lagoa.pt
For a video describing the illegalities at the Edd's beach project, click HERE 
 T 1 Trucks/concrete mixers arrive - Timed 8.33, 27 April 2018
Concrete mixer and concrete pump in action - 9.01, 27 April 2018
Site manager inspects completed work 10.26, 27 April 2018
Building manager leaves site. Mission accomplished 10.30, 27 April 2018


+7 #3 TerryP 2018-04-30 09:28
Quoting Verjinie:
You couldn't make it up!...
Wake up Loulé 'compliant, complascent' Court!
Loule court has done its part. It's now down to the Lagoa Camara and Edd to show the court that the building is according to plan, which it isn't.
+8 #2 Verjinie 2018-04-30 09:11
You couldn't make it up!...
Wake up Loulé 'compliant, complascent' Court!
+15 #1 Jack Reacher 2018-04-29 12:03
The local camara system is corrupt and broken. This should never have been allowed. Now whilst this sitcom carries out under the law system..the area will remain as a construction site over the summer..just like so much other unfinished building work along the coast. Pathetic.