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Ten-year build time for planned ‘luxury resort’ at Benagil

benagilA project to build a luxury resort at Bengil in Lagoa will cost €180 million and is scheduled to start next year.
The 'luxury tourist development,' which includes a hotel, a tourist village and a hotel-apartment building, is planned to centre on the currently unspoiled, small but beautiful, Benagil beach area.
The environmental impact study of the project is in the public consultation phase until June 14th allowing the public and interested parties to comment on the irreversible effect this 21.9 hectare development will have on one of the region’s largely unspoilt coastal settlements.
The new five-star development will stand 300 meters back from the  coastline between Benagil and Marina beach and will add 1,279 tourist beds to the region's total. The developer estimates the project will create 312 jobs.
According to the study currently under consultation, the execution of the infrastructure of the development will take place in 2019 and the construction of the various projects will continue until 2029.
The completion of the new venture will involve the replacement of part of the 1273 municipal road and its improvement between Caramujeira and Benagil.
Two public car parks will be built near to Benagil beach.
The project is being promoted by Benagil - Promoção Imobiliária  S.A. and the tourism development is in the Municipal Master Plan for the Lagoa area.
Benagil- Promoção Imobiliária now is owned by FIMES Oriente, under the control of Novo Banco, which intends to develop the 12-year-old project, originally proposed by Luís Filipe Vieira Ferreira, the property developer and Benfica president.
The plans are to be found HERE


+2 #8 Sverker 2018-06-06 08:17
Added to this disater, there are plans to develop the Albandeira area The "Zona Verde" with holiday rental houses and Hotel. Impact of the unspoilt nature will be tremendous. "Algarve the famous secret of Europé" ?????? Bye Bye
+7 #7 Dirk Thys 2018-05-09 06:54
Stupid project
+6 #6 mj 2018-05-08 16:05
indeed sally t, I remember my parent in the 80s were told by the Portuguese that the Algarve would not be like overbuilt Spain, now its the case if you throw a stone your stone crosses several villas, only by going inland is "safe"
+6 #5 mj 2018-05-08 16:01
what no golf course?

..shock horror :cry:
+8 #4 Lion 2018-05-08 14:43
Costa del "Crap" here we come, again and again.
+10 #3 Jack Reacher 2018-05-08 10:47
Good to see Lagoa camara in the thick of it...again. They must have heaps of money after all these developments have been approved. Besides aren't the cliffs crumbling and the EIA will be worthless as much was burnt last year (deliberately). And adding another 2500 tourists to Benagil Beach will start to resemble Southend on UK Bank Holiday Monday.
The continual demise of the Algarve coastline...goodluck.
+10 #2 SallyT 2018-05-08 10:19
Is nothing sacred when it comes to greed and money? Who owns Benagil - Real Estate Promotion, S.A?
+11 #1 Terry P 2018-05-08 10:15
Is nowhere safe from the developer's bulldozer?

We must all signal out disapproval but this deal already has been done as the Environmental Impact Assessment will be submitted by the developer and our comments will be ignored - just like at Alagoas Brancas.