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Want to buy a second home? Ask for the kids' permission first!

Want to buy a second home? Ask for the kids' permission first!Whether we like it or not, it's established fact that children shape their parents' holiday choices. Each year the TripAdvisor family travel survey demonstrates the influence that kids have on their parents' decisions. In 2014, some 92% of respondents planned to travel with family and relatives' considerations were plain to see in the amenities wish list, with complimentary breakfast, close proximity to local attractions, free Wi-Fi, a swimming pool and room service making the top five.

The same survey found that beach trips were the most popular family holiday choice, with 66% of travellers planning a beach/ocean vacation. Meanwhile, the Preferred Hotel Group multi-generational travel survey found that 40% of grandparents and parents felt their children "actively participate in or influence vacation planning."

What is perhaps less well known is the influence that children have on the purchase of second homes. Owning a home overseas is a wonderful way to enjoy family holidays and avoids the usual hassles associated with family getaways. The TripAdvisor survey found that lugging extra gear and not enough quiet time for parents were the top annoyances, both of which can be avoided through second home ownership.

Dawn Cavanagh-Hobbs, founder of Italian fractional ownership holiday home company Appassionata, comments,

"Children are definitely a key consideration for almost all of our owners. Most see their fractional ownership share not just as the perfect way to enjoy luxury family holidays, but also as an inheritance for their children in the future. They also like that their children can learn about Italian culture and pick up more of the language each time they visit."

Easy access to sandy beaches is a must for parents with smaller childrenMarc Pritchard, Sales and Marketing Director of leading Spanish homebuilder Taylor Wimpey España, agrees,

"There's no doubt that children play a huge role in their parents' decision to purchase a second home. Our buyers are looking for large swimming pools, on-site parking and easy beach access, all of which are important for their children to enjoy time at the property."

Spain is a welcoming country for families, as is neighbouring Portugal. With the lowest birth rate in Europe, children are cherished in Portugal and made a fuss of, even in busy restaurants. Chris White, founding director of boutique real estate agency Ideal Homes Portugal, observes,

"A friendly environment with plentiful attractions for children makes an ideal location for a second home. Sandy beaches, pools, water parks and other activities are really important, as is a short flight time - anything under three hours is really the optimum distance."

Albania's first high-end resort Lalzit Bay Resort and SpaThe flexibility that a second home offers for children is also important, explains Peter Walshe, Marketing Director for Albania's first high-end resort Lalzit Bay Resort and Spa,

"As children grow, their wishes in terms of holidays will change. Choosing a well-located second home is a great way to accommodate those shifts. For younger children, the space to store toys and a nearby pool are essential. For older kids, a lovely beach and plenty of activities in the local area are important. And, of course, moody teenagers can choose to bring their friends and spend the whole holiday sitting indoors and playing on their phones, should they so wish! A second home provides the perfect environment for all of these."

It really does seem as though children have serious sway over their parents when it comes to second home ownership. Clearly parents aren't buying for themselves at all, despite what they may think!

For more information please contact:

Appassionata: +39 073 465 8775 or www.appassionata.com

Taylor Wimpey España: UK +44 8000 121 020| Outside UK 0034 971 70 69 72 or www.taylorwimpeyspain.com.

Ideal Homes Portugal: +44 800 133 7644 | +351 289 513 434 or www.idealhomesportugal.com

Lalzit Bay Resort and Spa: +44 845 125 8600 or www.lalzitbay.com

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