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Buying Property: Then and now...For a bit of fun, and to coincide with the Silves Medieval Festival, Meravista, the Algarve property portal, has put together a comparison of property for sale, then and now. If you stop to think back to what life was like in the past, it’s hard to think of life before computing, internet, mobile phones and electric cars. However that only takes you back around 20 years or so. To go back to the 11th century, your imagination probably couldn’t do it justice.

MeravistaMeravista’s all-inclusive website is making it easy for people across Western Europe to find their dream retirement home in the sun without leaving the comfort of their armchair.

Retiring abroad is a big step to take. Finding the right property to buy in the right location shouldn’t be the difficult part. That’s why Meravista is helping people across Western Europe to find their ideal retirement home in the Algarve without stepping outside their front door.