EU & Portugal Need Strength

EU & Portugal Need StrengthIn this time of chaos we need firmness and expertise, even at the expense of unpopularity. It is time for statesmen, such as Churchill, Sá Carneiro and Golda Meyer. Finance is not an end, but a means for citizenship. It must have less power then Health, Education and Economy.

Covid-19 did not spread much in China. The 82,000 people infected are 0.006% of the 1.4 billion population. China took a while to act, but then took unpopular decisions, risking its economy, valuing humans. Total and long quarantine! It forced private industries to make masks and respirators, alcohol and disinfectants. And now it exports them. It takes time to get drugs to cureCovid-19, 4% of those infected there died.

Sweden took mild measures early, and only later introduced the unpopular ones. There were 0.06% of infected people for days, 6% of which were fatal. Germany is the good example, with only 0.1% infected and 1.2% of deaths. It took time for tough decisions! Countries with weak governments, Italy and Spain, have 0.4% of infected people, with 9% of deaths.

"A monetarist, who runs a speculative fund ... of public services in Brazil, would have said this gripezinha(cold) only kills old people, it will reduce spending on retired."

Countries such as the US and Brazil, which only recently decreed what others had decided long ago, have a forecast from Imperial College of losing 2 million citizens, 6% of the potential infected. The death rate in New York is impressive. In Brazil, a doctor said that most colleagues write pulmonary cause for reason for death, as there are not enough tests to prove that the real cause was the virus.
He said that in Brazil the first case was diagnosed in January but, in order not to spoil the carnival, the warning was ignored. A monetarist who runs a fund, major shareholder in the largest public service concessionaires there, have said that "this gripezinha(cold) only kills old people, it will reduce spending on retired; so there will be money for our services".

The chaos of 2020 was expected. A year ago I warned of a new 1930 crisis. Unemployment, discredit to public institutions and populism. I warned of the dangers of xenophobic dictators like Hitler, Franco, Mussolini. Spain and Italy, with high rate of deaths, reflecting the discredit in weak governments.

In ‘PEOPLE AGAINST DEMOCRACY’ Y. Mounk prove that young EU voters prefer political extremes. E.g. in Poland 40% want a dictator, against 16% among oldies. In Italy 40% of voters up to 40 years old and only 15% of oldies voted for the M5S in 2016. In the US, 25% of youth prefer a dictator to 'this’. In Germany and Sweden extremist youth has tripled.
Duke of Bragança back to the throne?


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