The Forgotten Street Of Albufeira

Photo courtesy of Tom's Place - https://cubsur51.wordpress.comLocated at the very top of the Albufeira marina, for a long time it was a street without a name. Different residents used different names: Alto de Orada, Camino de Baleeira ...

The street is probably the least maintained in all of Albufeira. A long time ago (in some places), sporadic repairs were made on the road. There are now level differences (pits), from +10 cm, loose stones, broken footpaths, simply smelly dirt and very dangerous. Stones flying around by passing cars, people turning their feet when walking.

In most European countries, the city council is directly responsible for all possible accidents here due to the bad condition of the street ...

However, the previous mayor, the late Dr. Carlos, agreed to build a new street, after consultation with local residents and co-payment by various local residents to participate in the costs.

He also agreed to tackle the houses under construction, but not finished during the past + 10 years, and he also agreed to definitively define the name of the street as Caminho da Baleeira.

He was a good mayor, willing to talk, kept his word, took initiative. Unfortunately died far too early.

Afterwards we wrote to the city council several times and tried to negotiate, but we do not get an answer to our notes, letters.  Now the dead end street name Rua de Farol is also pasted on our street

We have always approached obediently and politely to get answers and or solutions on our simple questions.

We made constructive proposals, including e.g. to provide a  footpath only along one side of the street and to plant beautiful (palm) trees

We have been told by a non-official source, that the intention would be to make a new road all the way to Sao Rafael. Is this a good idea?  It will create a lot of traffic and a new road for a few houses and a protected park!? A rural natural hiking trail is so beautiful, so why not keep it?

Should it not be appreciated that some of our street residents are among the best sponsors in Albufeira (including the bombeiros).

Could one perhaps also recognize that this street could be the most beautiful avenida of Albufeira. View of the Marina, view of the sea and next to a protected park.  Our street is already on the tourist list of (tuk tuk) tours.

Can it be recognized that the residents pay the highest taxes.

We will leave it here for the time being and remain in anticipation of some news ...

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