Visiting The Algarve During The Covid-19 Pandemic

VISITING THE ALGARVE DURING THE COVID-19 PANDEMICMany are apprehensively considering travel to Portugal this Summer. A frequent visitor and home owner in the Algarve tells us about their travel experience and their time when staying here during the first 2 weeks in July 2020.

"We are just ending a two week visit to our home in Budens, having last been here in January. Naturally we were a bit apprehensive about coming, but there really was no need. BA were very efficient and Covid aware. Faro airport was the same. Our hire car (Marina rentacar) was spotless with plastic covers on our seats, steering wheel and gear stick.

On our way to our home we stopped at a supermarket, wore our masks, everyone was socially distancing and it was an enjoyable experience.

During our two weeks, we have stayed fairly close to home,but have shopped in the supermarket and the local fresh food and fish market with no problems. We have been out to eat a couple of times in beach bar restaurants, again, very on the ball, with suitable precautions.

We have been warmly welcomed by our Portuguese host’s wherever we have visited and have enjoyed every minute of being back here.

Now we have to go home, self isolate for two weeks. The freezer is full, the online shop ordered but absolutely worth it to come here to beautiful weather, surroundings and beaches. Thank you and I look forward to returning very soon."


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