LOCKDOWN... but not at home

LOCKDOWN... BUT NOT AT HOMEA poem about Lockdown, but not at home...




Lockdown for you means staying at home

Sitting quietly on your own

For me it is a different game

Evicted from home not quite the same.


Carted off into the night

Where we going?

This ain’t right.

Eventually a posh hotel

Our new accommodation

We must spend two weeks here

Stuck in isolation.


The food is cold

Not fit to eat

Fruit juice everyday

All right in the summertime

But winter not the way


Oh for a cup of tea!


No towels, no bedding, nothing to wear

We’ve sorted some of those

But the thing that’s really missing

We don’t have no clean clothes

Stop moaning Fred

Another week to go

Then back to normal

Return to what we know.


Why we’re here don’t have a clue

Tested before we came

Two days ago they popped round

To test us all again

All of us proved negative

But still we can’t go home

Let us go back to a proper life

And leave us well alone.


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