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Bold burglary in Tavira shocks the community

BOLD BURGLARY IN TAVIRA IS VIRTUALLY IGNORED BY POLICEOn 15th of September in the middle of the main street (R. de Liberdade) of Tavira, young local men known by the police climbed into a house through the window on the second floor and took everything they could while the residents were sleeping upstairs. 

"As soon as we woke up and realized we'd been robbed, I located my stolen laptop (on Apple Find App) and it was 600 metres from my house. We informed the police right away and they came in large numbers (5) to take my testimony.

I asked if one of them could go to my husband, was watching our car on the street, because thieves might be looking for the car (they stole the car keys), but they refused to go. When two young men passed by, the car doors unlocked and locked, so my husband knew that they had the stolen key.

He photographed them and gave the photo to the police. At this moment they had the location of the stolen laptop and the face of the supposed thieves. It turned out that one of them is known to the police for his bold actions.

Till this day nobody got arrested.

We all live in Tavira. My daughter goes to a local school. This bold crime and the fact that the police are helpless shocked our community."

The victim of this robbery told us, "Yesterday, I spoke with the police, and I got more information about my case and the state of the police department in Tavira. There are only 3 people working there on solving all  crimes against property. They are overworked and understaffed. The prosecutor is impossible to reach and it takes ages for the court to give warrants, so criminals go unpunished. There were lots of cases of burglaries that went unpunished because of long procedures. There also was another burglary similar to ours this week. As I see it there is a big problem in the whole system. I doesn't protect the victims."

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