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New Hitlers - The situation now in Europe is as 100 years ago!

NEW HITLERS - THE SITUATION NOW IN EUROPE IS AS 100 YEARS AGO!At that time, financial experts and a few corporations, as the crude and banks, with astronomic profits, manipulated theprices and shares in EuroAmerican markets. No real value. People were pushed to consume more than they could, borrowing money, playing a lot, at the expenses of folks with poor nutrition and no homes.

After the war 1914-18 came pandemics. Politicians talked a lot and did nothing to avoid de chaos which was predicted. The difference to now is digital manipulation, instead of only media. Also, digital coin, instead of shares, whose price has no real value. A huge inflation followed local wars. Arms industry pressed a continuation of criminality. People did not trust ministers who spoke nice words but did not change the chaos, as they needed the support of corporations to keep their power. Corruption! The extreme right took power.

Central banks printed money with no relation to real value. Governments spent more than they should. They gave money to some groups in order to get votes, bought arms, to get support. They let prices of monopolies rise. A huge inflation, which would rise to incredible values, hit the middle class.

Results? Mussolini and Hitler! They used media and all theater tricks to convince people they represented the people. Folks died. The extremes grew; democracy became a dream. They took the power, parliaments did no longer represent a normal ballot, dictators took the power, we got a 2nd world war.

For the first time in centuries the extreme right took power in Sweden, after a wave of bombing in capitals. In Germany and France it is growing. Dictators are coming up in some Eastern European countries. Portugal depends on the EU money to continue supporting the needy. That will stop as soon there is a non-aggression agreement in Ukraine. As the EU promised to support its reconstruction, some €22 billion.

I hope I, and hundreds other experts, are wrong in our predictions.

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