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The Collapse of the EU - Part 1

The Collapse of the EU - Part 1.Many people are surprised by the hate between leaders and extremists, as in Brazil, Ukraine, Korea, the US. There, youngsters kill dozens of colleagues while police-men torture alleged criminals in streets.

In many countries, as in Sweden, Austria, the UK, politicians mistrust their colleagues and governments do not have sufficient support in the parliament to make true what they promised in their election-campaigns. Why?

1. For decades action-films in TVs most of prime-time create in teens an idea of heroes being those who hit or kill, instead of those who smile and talk. Nowadays most of free-time of teens and youngsters is spent with plays at their mobile-phones, where aggression, arms, top-speed cars, etc. is the rule, not the exception.

2. Politicians wish to implement certain changes in their countries, but the power of other interests stop them and they cannot tell electors who has the real power and why they were stopped. As a result they tell things which are not totally true, but give an impression of good results.

3. For instance, telling the GNP raised by 8% while inflation raised by 9%. We all know inflation-rate varies depending of the income-level, age, etc. Eg. while poor oldies spend some 8% of their net income with drugs that don´t cure, exams, doctors, etc, rich oldies spend only 2% with that. Young adults spend close to zero. When the world remedy-cartel pushes prices and governments have a thigh budget, inflation for poor oldies is tougher than for young adults. Eg. if Spain takes 5 billions in loans to spread to poor, its GNP grows; and the debt with interest rates?

4. Publicity in both TV and social-media is based on neuro-marketing, which had nothing to do with listing the benefits for the consumers, but with the dreams they have about showing to others what they have or are not. As cosmetics, cars, etc.

5. Governmental control agencies, as for telecom, banks, consumers, have no real power, compared with the power of those cartels supporting parties in their election-campaigns. Most officials in public-sector wish to become chiefs and write what their bosses expect them to tell. Bosses write to ministers or judges what they believe ministers expect them to write.

6. Social-media spread sensational fake-news, as most nerds wish to have their messages become viral. TV spread visual-sensational scenes, as bombing, natural disasters, even if very far away from the viewers, rather than effects of the laws which will affect millions of viewers in the country of that media.

7. Many politicians in the EU-countries dream about becoming bosses in Brussels because of the power they will have influencing the distribution of money from us, tax-payers; also by appearing in TV abroad. Because of that they say and do what they believe the real powerful people wish them to do.

8. Powerful cartels wish money go to huge world corporations, and stop capable competitors. As in construction, telecom, transportation, med-care, food-imports. Because of that, EU push all countries, independent of what their people wish, or their traditions, to follow same detailed rules as the 2-3 major countries do, which have most votes in the commission, as a result of the influence of those cartels.

9. Eg, in Sweden there has been garantipension, some 9% of total value for retired people, supported by the government budget, mainly to those who had a low pension. Brussels, against tradition and wishes from electors in Sweden, made government change the law, as consumption-patterns of retired Swedes do not benefit those huge world cartels.

All these and other reasons, which I will list soon, make people mistrust what is still called a democracy.

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