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Airport chaos at Faro

AIRPORT CHAOS AT FAROI am resident of Portugal. I have a UK passport. Last Thursday, Nov 3rd, I flew from Faro to the UK -  the queue for passport check went three times around the departure area !

I asked if there was a queue for residents and was not given any help. The literally  hundreds of people at passport control was frightening !

We just made our flight but I’m sure many missed theirs.

So many people said to me they would not travel to Portugal again. When are the airport authority going to get the chaos under control? Tourism is very, very important to the Algarve.

I live here and my children want to visit, but this situation makes it a total nightmare.

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+1 #1 Pontiff 2022-11-12 15:15
When you goe to security all you have to do is go to the EU que just show them your QR code paper or residence biometric card and bobs your uncle it is the same for departure and arrival.

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