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Generics & Local Herbs

GENERICS & LOCAL HERBSI read that the pharma cartel in Portugal dropped the import/sales of Generics by 35%, as none pay royalties after ten years and they can be manufactured by any lab. Those Generics, cost around half of patented drugs, giving to pharma cartel a profit of around 10%, instead of normal 40%.

This means that government has to pay much more to the cartel for most of drugs which aged people use daily. That government has to take more loans from huge international banks, which has as main owners the same funds as those who control the cartels. Which means that, because of the very high rate of external loans related to GNP, the ratings of Portugal will drop and a new Troika, to decide all financial and the economic policy of Portugal, will go to a few who represent banks and speculative funds, as ECB, IMF, etc.

Since 1970 Portugal has an excellent pharma lab at its army. The staff there is very competent and most of equipment is updated, ready to produce, for a low cost, what is needed.

Portugal is very rich in algae and herbs, many of them are raw-materials for many drugs. A few countries both within and outside the EU produce other raw-materials for a low cost.

WHY NOT USING THAT LAB, let it work two shifts, and produce those generics and thus reduce the power of the cartel and let Portugal continue be a free country, run by its people and not by a few fellows who wish us to die if not following their rules?


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