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Magic Portugal, Magic Algarve

MAGIC PORTUGAL, MAGIC ALGARVESummer in Portugal and more so in the Algarve has thousands of activities. It seems all counties wish to compete with others arranging fests almost at the same time.

After an excellent wine-tasting in Albufeira we had one in Lagoa, another in Portimao and some still to come. Wouldn´t it be a better idea to arrange only three, one in Barlavento, another in Sotavento and one in the Center, such as Albufeira? Spaced some four weeks between them? And working hard to invite along buyers, wine-club directors, and restaurant owners?

The same with Jazz Festivals. The eldest and most famous is from Lagoa, which arranged it in an outstanding way, by the lake, with all the comforts and needs that this kind of special public wish to enjoy, no matter the costs. Local singers, such as Genoveva Faísca earlier in the evening and international groups later, makes the events very attractive. Again, why not arrange fewer events, but spreading over time?

Many shows are arranged in a very short period, July/August, when most of hotels are already almost fully booked. I remember the project “365”, which arranged mainly classical music throughout most of the year, less so in the summer. Why not arrange these events, such as the Afro-music etc, in May or September? As most of the public will come anyway, if they start late on Thursday. There is a very small risk for some rain, which I am quite sure, will not affect most music-lovers.

In order to provide tourism-related jobs for more than just half year, why not support the counties much more during October-November and February-April and make the Algarve a kind of Florida of Europe. That would be a good time for races, international meetings in our huge congress halls. Ideal for the Nordics, Netherlanders, Polish and rich Russians, our weather at that time is better than at home.


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