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SUP - the 2018 Guadiana Challenge - registration now open

SUPLogoThe Guadiana Challenge was born in September 2014 when Nick Robinson and a friend stand up paddled 32km from Mértola to Alcoutim.

This was such an incredible trip that he couldn't wait to share it with other, like minded paddlers. Nick posted details of the journey on his Algarve SUP website and a few people asked to be notified of when he was going down again. He hadn't planned anything but thought how incredible it would be to do the trip with a group of people.

So, 6 months later 18 paddlers dipped their blades into the cool waters of the Guadiana and headed for Alcoutim. It was a super fun, challenging and great day where relationships were forged that would stand the test of time.

A year later, the 2nd Guadiana Challenge set off for Alcoutim, this time with 64 participants. In 2016, 140 paddlers pitched up and performed their best over the 32km and 10km course.

The intention has always been to provide a fun and relaxed way to meet fellow paddlers. There is nothing like paddling hard all day and kicking back with a drink, a good meal and a roaring log fire outside next to the river afterwards. Sharing experiences like this automatically leads to long lasting and solid friendships. Come and join us, you'll love it!

Click HERE for the Guadiana Challenge website

Like last year, we are putting events on all weekend, so come on Friday and stay until Sunday!
Friday 20th - Sunday 22nd April 2018
Race/Paddle time
08h00 Saturday 21st April 2018
Registration Price - €50 per person

We're looking forward to meeting you and having a ton of fun down on the Guadiana this year.

Nick Robinson

Nick Robinson

Event Founder

Mauro Engler

Tom Longhurst

Event Organizer

Mauro Engler

Mauro Engler

Event Organizer

We have built a great group on Facebook where many of our paddlers chat about the event and things to do before and after. You can also ask about renting boards or any other doubts and queries you have.  Join here.



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