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Monte Rei G&CC Best Golf Club Portugal 2018

Monte Rei G&CC Best Golf Club Portugal 2018Over 350,000 golfers visit Leadingcourses.com each month. Based on their rankings, Monte Rei Golf & Country Club – with an average rating of 9,18 – has been voted Best Golf Club in Portugal in 2018 in the Golfers’ Choice Rankings.

The rankings for best golf club are compiled based on numerous aspects influencing the quality of the golf club, such as the golf course itself, the overall impression of the club, maintenance, facilities such as practice facilities, clubhouse and the perceived value for money.

Runner-up in the Golfers’ Choice Ranking of Best Golf Clubs Portugal 2018 is West Cliffs. This club, who opened her doors only in June 2017, overtakes Royal Obidos Spa & Golf Resort. Clube Golf Oceânico Faldo Course is still on a third place in the rankings.

In 4th place comes Royal Obidos Spa & Golf Resort and the top-5 of Best Golf Clubs in Portugal is completed by the Victoria Golf Course – Dom Pedro Golf.



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