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Here's How Golf Could Have A Tremendous Effect On Your Health

HERE'S HOW GOLF COULD HAVE A TREMENDOUS EFFECT ON YOUR HEALTHSports enthusiasts usually make fun of Golf as a laid-back game, when compared to other sporting activities. Of course, there is no sweat-drenched, explosive athleticism, or bursting pressure to shoot a winning goal or cover for a teammate.

Golf Is Good For You

In golf, you see players walk or drive a golf cart around an expansive green lawn wearing comfortable gear and looking relaxed. Golf may not be everybody’s favorite sporting activity, but the team behind Golf Insider UK will tell you that the sport has some loyal fans and enthusiasts. Though, associated with middle-aged and retired people, experts have revealed that putting holes on the golf course could do wonders to general well-being and health. 

Research and several articles have corroborated that for older individuals, golfing regularly could be good for health. Maybe this is why you see many middle-aged people on the golf course now and then. 

Nonetheless, engaging in any kind of sporting activity has its benefit to the human body and general well-being, but here is a highlight of things that could happen to your health when you golf, religiously. 

It Sustains Your General Well-Being

Golfing is an outdoor sport, which means you get to spend a lot of time in the sun and get some fresh air. Fresh air is beneficial to your digestive health, blood pressure, heart rate, and it lowers your risk of having chronic health disease. 

Vitamin D is the main nutrient from spending time in the sunlight playing golf. This nutrient also helps to boost the immune system. 

A combination of fresh air and sunlight while being close to nature can help to reduce anxiety for people that have anxiety issues. 

It Boosts Brain Activity

The sport teaches accuracy, focus, and concentration. Golf encourages your creative thinking and foresight as you have to visualize where and how far your shot will go. Coordination is also an essential part of playing golf because you need to know where your ball will land. 

While you are ticking off these activities on the golf course, you are also moving from one point to the other at a leisurely pace or on a cart, there is a circular movement which is getting more blood pumped into your brain to think clearly in a quieter environment with less crowd or whistleblowing to distract you, like in some other sports. 

Having a clear brain wave is a well-being process that cannot be overemphasized. A website dedicated to golfers revealed that there is plenty of research on how playing golf affects how you think and exercise your brain. 


Researchers quoted in Healthline found that playing golf regularly or at least once a month was associated with a lower risk of death. Golf makes your blood circulate at a healthy pace, which facilitates your heart to work at an efficient rate 

As a leisure sport, golf is also a good way to burn calories and lose pounds. While navigating the 18-hole course, swinging and putting, you are adding to your workout sessions through the leisure steps you are taking to complete the game on the lush green space, which covers over 3.5 miles.

It Relieves Stress And Improves Mental Health

The game has limited records of injury on the golf course, hence, why it is referred to as a low-risk sport. Golfers clock in at the golf course with their gear after a stressful day to channel the tension and stress into putting some holes, a better option than going to pubs or clubs to douse the stress with alcohol which could be bad for their general well-being. 

Playing golf has a major health benefit in helping you release endorphins, which improve your mood and can reduce pain, as well as reduce feelings of depression or anxiety. 

It Helps You Sleep Better

Golfing is a significant workout session that keeps you on your toes, albeit at a slow pace, but the end product is you getting to exhaust your energy and later on getting a night of good sleep. 

An all-around health benefit involves you having a fitful sleep without the help of drugs, which usually has side effects, something that you get from being a regular golfer. 

We may know golf players to participate in a sport with little physical rigor, but they put the work in while still navigating the terrain of 3.5 miles of green lawn, putting holes, and setting targets for their next shot.


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