Top 8 Horse Racing Tracks In Europe

TOP 8 HORSE RACING TRACKS IN EUROPEYou may be familiar with racing tracks in the UK and the races that they are famous for. There is often a focus on the famous tracks when bettors are choosing tips for lucky 15 as they are the tracks that are likely to see the big names and the big wins. However, how much do you know about horse racing tracks outside of the UK?

Perhaps you have visited a few, or perhaps you think that the UK is the only country that loves a day at the races.

We are here to introduce you to the top eight horse racing tracks in Europe.

  1. Goodwood

Starting close to home, Goodwood is considered to be one of the very best tracks on the continent. Home of ‘Glorious Goodwood’ the course not only offers exciting and entertaining riding and betting, but also a wonderful coastal backdrop to boot.

  1. Chantilly

Set on the outskirts of Paris, this French race track has a touch of grandeur to it. It has hosted some of the next flat turf racing of recent history and is a bettors favourite.

  1. The Curragh

The first recorded race took place on this outstanding course in 1727. Steeped in history, this track always offers something special. It is a right-handed track with an uphill finish that has tested many winning horses as they headed for the finish line accompanied by the cheers of happy and expectant bettors.

  1. Longchamp

Located near to the River Seine, this race course has seen racing action since the 1800s. The course has seen a lot of change, not least in the occupation of its country during World War II.

  1. Ascot

Ascot is synonymous with horse racing, and even those who have no interest in the horses or betting are likely to have heard of the name. Not only is it a fantastic course that offers thrilling racing, it is also known for its elegance and social scene.

  1. Hippodrome Wellington

This Belgian race course offers both harness and flat racing events that are thrilling and exciting. A day at the races is always fun at this course, and if you are a golf fan you might also like the course that is set into the grounds of the track. In fact, four of the nine holes that make  up the course can be found at the track’s centre. We call that clever thinking!

  1. Pardubice

Located in Czech Republic, this race course is home to the country’s most popular race: the Velka Pardubicka. The race is widely regarded as one of the racing world’s toughest, and many bettors and horse racing enthusiasts aim to see the stunning race at least once in their lifetime. Interesting fact: the first ever Velka Pardubicka was won by an Englishman!

  1. Newmarket

As the headquarters of the BHA (British Horseracing Authority) this course is an important focal point for the sport. The famous 1,000 and 2,000 Guineas take place on the course and it is a favourite track for many bettors. Newmarket is also home to the largest thoroughbred facility in the UK.


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