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Are games a sport?

ARE GAMES A SPORT?Games are increasingly attracting a larger number of fans, regardless of gender or age. Nowadays there is much discussion as to whether games can be considered a sport or not.

Despite the fact that such games, do not fall under any definition of a sport, it is not that straightforward. Regardless of whether the game is just for entertainment or a source of additional income, any player can find a good casino in Portugal, for example, get the Ruby Fortune casino bonus and try to play online. E-sports are moving towards a more professional segment and as such, they are gradually starting to be considered a sport.

How e-sport is defined by official organizations?

The definition of the European Charter for Sport refers to sport as any physical activity that can be practiced professionally or independently. Such activity should help to improve, maintain, and demonstrate physical and intellectual skills, form social relationships, and achieve success in competition at any level.

This definition excludes games from various sporting activities, however, there are many activities that are officially considered sports and also do not fit this definition. So let's take a detailed look at all the requirements of this definition:

  • A sport is necessarily a physical activity. Certainly, games have nothing to do with athletics, but, for example, car races, like playing games, require more endurance than physical strength, yet motor racing is recognized as a sports activity.
  • Participation can be organized or unorganized. E-sports are played both by amateurs who sit down periodically at a computer and by professionals who win billions of dollars in organized tournaments.
  • Improved and demonstrated physical and mental health. Recent studies have proven the positive impact of gaming on cognitive health. Physical health in sports such as polo, racing, and golf also have no effect on the physical part, but they are not excluded as sports because of this. All games have been shown to have a positive effect on mental health, including e-sports and casino games, which can be found in top casinos in Portugal, here you can find a ranking of the best gambling sites.
  • Social relationships. Gaming has become a new option for social interaction, players and fans are in constant communication in a virtual environment, even if they have never met in person.

Competitions at all levels. Organizers offer the possibility of participation in e-sports tournaments for people of all ages and with any level of gaming experience.

Whether the games are recognized as a sport or not, this area is actively growing. Opinions are divided as to its usefulness, some believe this is a useless activity that leads to physical inactivity, and others argue that this is a sport that develops intelligence.

Today, many educational institutions approve of electronic gaming competitions, seeing it as a positive activity for students, and many educators defend gaming as a sport.

Games and the development of brain activity

Quality rest and the ability to relieve emotional stress are the things we need to achieve the greatest results in the field of physical and mental activity, and this is exactly what games can offer. It is commonly thought that games are unhealthy, but aren't they? American scientists have proven the benefits of such activities for the development of brain activity. According to the study, people who play games have better sensorimotor skills and there is increased activity in key areas of the brain. The study also showed that games are a great simulator for the imagination.

Considering the benefits of gaming and the fact that there are hundreds of e-Sports leagues and teams, it is likely that gaming will be officially recognized as a sporting activity in the near future.


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