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Famous Disallowed World Cup Goals

FAMOUS DISALLOWED WORLD CUP GOALSThe World Cup is the most popular football tournament in the world. The stakes are usually high from the first match, and every goal counts. However, sometimes football happens, and things happen during matches that change the course of the game.

For example, star players receive red cards or get injured, or goals are disallowed.

If you are a sports betting fan, these unpredictable events are what make sports wagering fascinating. You see, you cannot anticipate that what would have been the winning goal will be disallowed. Football betting Tanzania fans on Betway usually join the rest of the world to wager on World Cup events. However, the unanticipated events usually bring twists that affect the outcome of games and, eventually, the tournament.  

Here are the most famous disallowed World Cup goals:

Hungary vs. West Germany

World Cup Final, 1954

This is one of the most notable World Cup disallowed goals of all time. Hungary were the favorites to win the tournament that year. On their road to the finals, they had beaten defending champions Uruguay and their final opponents West Germany in the group stage.

Ferenc Pukas scored in the sixth minute before embarking on what is regarded as the jazziest celebration ever witnessed in a World Cup final. Max Morlock scored the equalizer, while Rahn scored the winner with six minutes to go.

However, there was still time for one more act. Two minutes after Rahn’s goal, Puskas scored past West Germany keeper Toni Turek for what would have been the equalizer. However, Mervyn Griffiths raised the offside flag, which TV pictures don’t agree with.

England vs. West Germany

World Cup Semi-Final 1990

It seems England don’t have a lot of luck when it comes to World Cup tournaments. In the 1990 World Cup, Chris Waddle’s free kick connected with Platt’s eyebrowed header past Bodo Illgner. However, it was a sad moment for England as Platt was judged to be offside. It was a decision that meant the 24 years of hurt would continue.

Portugal vs. Spain

World Cup 2010

Luis Nani ruined what would have been one of the finest goals Cristiano Ronaldo scored for Portugal. The Manchester United legend went past the whole Spanish defense before firing home.

However, Nani made a naïve intervention which saw the goal disallowed for offside. Ronaldo was infuriated because Nani headed a ball that had already crossed the line. World Cup betting fans on Betway that had wagered on Portugal must have been crying - Nani, Nani, what were you thinking?

England vs. Germany

World Cup 2010

This is perhaps the most notable disallowed World Cup goal. The goal-line technology was introduced into the game after Frank Lampard’s disallowed goal. The English midfield maestro sent a powerful shot that hit the crossbar and bounced over the line.

However, since the German goalie swiftly picked up the ball, the referee did not give England the goal. With Germany leading 2-1, the goal would have set the pace for a comeback which never happened after the disallowed goal.

Were the goal-line technology in operation during the match, Frank Lampard’s goal would have been awarded. But, since the referee is only human, there wasn’t much he could do!


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