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A Guide to Mastering Vila Sol Golf Course

Rob Cheney, leading PGA ProCourtesy of Algarve Holiday Fun and Rob Cheney PGA Pro, a Hole-by-Hole Guide to Mastering Vila Sol Golf Course.

Rob Cheney is a leading PGA Pro with extensive knowledge of golf in the Algarve and over 15 years of coaching experience, and is also one of few to authorised with Stack&Tilt and Aimpoint certified.

Guide to Mastering Vila Sol Golf Course

1. Vila Sol’s opening 3 holes are regarded as one of the most difficult starts in the Algarve. A straight tee shot favouring the right side of the fairway will give you a look at the green. Take an extra club as the green is raised and most people will miss short.

2. A straight, but tight, Par 4. Accuracy from the tee is necessary to give you a chance to find the green.

3. The hardest hole on the course. Once again the drive must be precise and long to reach the corner of this right-to-left dogleg. The second plays uphill and at least one more club should be taken.

4. A pretty Par 3 across a valley. Avoid going left at all costs. There is room short and right to bail out.

5. This dogleg right around the water requires a straight tee shot up to 220m. The second plays across a small valley and must be struck well to make the carry.

6. Nice Par 5 played from an elevated tee. Long hitters need to be aware of the water hazard from the tee. Shorter hitters must negotiate the water with their 2nd shot. A par here is a good score.

7. Signature Par 3 hole across the water. If you can hold your nerve and carry the water, try and keep the ball below the hole as the green slopes severely from back-to-front.

8. Long dogleg Par 5 with OOB right and water left. Keep it straight and beware of the creek which cuts across the fairway around 50m short of the green.

9. A short Par 4 which offers a brief respite from the previous few holes. Accuracy is still a premium though, as an errant tee shot can lead to a bogey or worse!

Vila Sol Golf Course

10. This Par 4 dogleg requires a precise tee shot of around 220m to give you a view of the green.

11. Straight away Par 5 which can be reached in 2 by the longer hitters. Fairway slopes from left to right.

12. Tight dogleg left Par 4. The tee shot must again be placed accurately to allow a good view of the green. The uphill approach may require an extra club.

13. Really pretty Par 3 played downhill from an elevated tee position. Choosing the right club is the challenge here.

14. Tough Par 5 which requires another straight tee shot. The lay-up must be carefully planned as there is a pond short of the green. This 3-teired green makes the approach shot and putting extra difficult.

15. A good Par 3 requiring a well struck iron or hybrid club to make the carry to the green. Big bunker on the right awaits any stray shots.

16. Slight dogleg right Par 4. A straight tee shot will leave you a good look at this large elevated green. Favour the right side of the green as it slopes from right-to-left.

17. Blind tee shot where the fairway narrows the further you hit it. Once again, accuracy is at a premium on this tricky Par 4.

18. The final hole is another strong Par 4. Tight tee shot which should favour the right hand side as much as possible to avoid being blocked out for your 2nd shot. The approach is played to a green in front of the clubhouse and patio, so save your best for last!

19-27. These holes form the 9 hole Academy course, and give a great opportunity for training your short game.

Good luck!

Algarve Holiday Fun provide discounted green fees for golf courses, and cheap tickets for attractions and events, across the Algarve.

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