Google Ads tips by Clarity

Google Ads tips by ClarityYour Google Ads campaign has a low CTR?

Of course, there are a number of ways to improve it, but here is one of the easiest fixes that can help you increase your CTR quickly.

Go to the keywords of your campaign and click the Search term tab.

Google Ads tips by ClarityNow you see what your users were actually writing in the Google search (search term) vs. which keyword was triggering your ads, so you can better understand why a click sometimes does not happen.

Probably your ads are appearing for not so relevant search terms?

Don't be upset, just add those search terms to the negative keywords (the ones you do NOT want your ads to appear for) and the problem will be solved.

Repeat this process at least once a month and with time your negative keywords list will grow and become more and more specific, thus making your keywords and ads more and more relevant to the real user's need.

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