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Google News by ClarityDon´t miss out on these important news from Google! The Search Console stopped supporting the preferred domain setting.

A website can have two versions: with www and without it. If you follow good SEO practices, you have this issue already covered, having only one preferred version of the website available online. And in this case, you can relax, as there’s nothing for you to do or change regarding it, good work!

However, another way to tackle the problem with the "www" versions was to use the "preferred domain setting" from Google Search Console, letting Google know, which version is the main one – that to be included on the index – and shown to people in Google’s search results pages. If you were depending only on this setting and not using any other option to communicate to Google your preferred version of the website, you need to beware, as it might be necessary to make some changes.

Also, if you have never even thought that having both versions of the website: “www” and “non-www” online might be an issue, then it’s even more important for you to take some actions.

Starting from this month, Google Search Console is no longer supporting the "preferred domain setting", so, even if you still have it in your account, Google will ignore it.
In order to keep your website SEO optimised, you will have to first choose how you want your domain to be displayed:  or just After you made your that decision, you need somehow to communicate it to Google. Here’s where things will get a little technical, so you will probably need to search for professional help. 

The best way to solve the problem is to redirect all URLs to their preferred version with 301 redirects. This way only one version stays online and even if a user tries to access another one, he will be served with the correct, preferred page. We suggest you always choose this option, if possible.
Another solution is to have a canonical tag on each page of the website, communicating the preferred version. 
And in the end, don´t forget to update your sitemap, so it includes only preferred version URLs, and to submit it to Google.

After all of this, keep monitoring Google’s results to be sure that the change has been implemented, though keep in mind that it might take some time.

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