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YahooYahoo has announced another huge security breach, leaving its users fretting once again about their personal information.

The latest data theft affected more than one billion accounts, Yahoo (YHOO, Tech30) says. That's roughly double the number involved in the cybersecurity incident it announced in September, which is believed to be separate.

portugalAs an independent nation, Portugal was founded in 1143. Its boundaries have remained unchanged since then. It is arguably the oldest country in the world. Portugal began the globalization process in the fifteenth century, becoming the first political and economic power on a truly global scale. So how can the oldest country in the world and a pioneer of globalization be dubbed as a startup?

Every nation has its ups and downs and Portugal is no exception. Precisely because of its longevity, Portugal has already gone through several heydays, as well as hard periods. Portugal is currently (and once again) exploring. It is a small-size country trying to find its place in a world where strength of numbers is increasingly important; trying to find out the value it has to offer again, to the world.

teslaElon Musk wants to produce Tesla electric cars and batteries in Europe - Portugal is being studied as one of the locations.

Tesla management is said to have been talking ‘at the highest level’ within Portugal’s government to install its European giga-factory in the sun-blessed country.

mobmastThe EU on Wednesday scrapped a controversial plan to limit its landmark free mobile phone roaming policy to 90 days a year, after an outcry from angry consumer groups.

While doing away with time limits for roaming across the currently 28-nation bloc, the European Commission said it will instead impose checks to curb abuse of the system.

The World’s Largest Network for Expats Launches New Mobile AppInterNations now offers expats an easy way to stay in touch and explore upcoming events on the go.

InterNations (www.internations.org), the world’s largest network and information site for people who live and work abroad, just launched a new mobile app that is destined to make life easier for expats: connecting and messaging with other international people, joining events in 390 cities around the world and sharing personal photos with the community can now all be done on the move via the InterNations app, which is available for Android and iOS.

pv180 MW of solar projects have been authorized under the market system in the south of the nation. Additionally, 68 licenses for solar projects are being processed, which total more than 2 GW of potential.

In Portugal licenses for PV projects under the market system are being processes which total 2.1 GW of capacity, according to a government press release.

CoindrumAn innovative new customer service was introduced at Faro Airport this week that lets customers use the “Coindrum” machines to convert all their unwanted coins into a shopping voucher for the Duty Free Store.

Its main advantage for travellers is that they won’t have unwanted Euro coins currency left once they depart Portugal, however the service also offers an extra perk: vouchers are worth 10% more than whatever customers deposit into the unit.

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