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Which EU Country Is Most At Risk Of Cybercrime?Computer users in South Eastern Europe may want to review their digital security after new research revealed they are the most vulnerable to cyber crime.

Website Builder Expert (WBE), a leading online resource for small businesses looking to get online, has conducted research investigating just how vulnerable the EU is to cybercrime and found that residents in many countries may be at more risk than they realise.

my car is my best friendI don’t know about you, but although my car is my best friend, I must confess I know little about it. I know where it hangs out, that it always looks good and that it never fails me; I can tell a steering wheel from a tyre, yet if it starts to cough or to choke and I need to take a peek under the hood, I have to admit I’m a bit lost. I can’t seem to become my best friend’s super-hero, so how am I supposed to rescue it if it gets into trouble?

Simple answer: by avoiding trouble!

Apart from regular maintenance and the mandatory inspections, the first thing you need to look out for are the panel lights: if they’re off, hit the road; if one (or more) is on, hit the brakes: your car is trying to reach out to you. Grab the manual that you should keep inside the glove compartment (if you’re old school) or simply grab your smartphone and browse the symptom. At this point, you’ll be fully aware of the benefits of communication in a relationship.

pvCleantech Camp is the programme to accelerate and boost startups related to sustainable energy in Spain and Portugal.  The programme aims at promoting the technology transfer and the entrepreneurship in the the field of clean energy.

The three selected proposals with the biggest potential in the global market will receive an economic contribution and the support to accelerate their business development, an assessment process valued at more than €50,000.

The future is now - Digital MarketingThe first Seminar on Digital Marketing in Portugal was held in Vilamoura on Feb.4th. 

More than 300 people came from many districts to hear 40 speakers from six countries. Several of the panels were in English, including marketeers such as Greg Boegner, Fiona Butler, Susana Wichels, Martim Sundblom who work for well-known international brands.

YahooYahoo has announced another huge security breach, leaving its users fretting once again about their personal information.

The latest data theft affected more than one billion accounts, Yahoo (YHOO, Tech30) says. That's roughly double the number involved in the cybersecurity incident it announced in September, which is believed to be separate.

portugalAs an independent nation, Portugal was founded in 1143. Its boundaries have remained unchanged since then. It is arguably the oldest country in the world. Portugal began the globalization process in the fifteenth century, becoming the first political and economic power on a truly global scale. So how can the oldest country in the world and a pioneer of globalization be dubbed as a startup?

Every nation has its ups and downs and Portugal is no exception. Precisely because of its longevity, Portugal has already gone through several heydays, as well as hard periods. Portugal is currently (and once again) exploring. It is a small-size country trying to find its place in a world where strength of numbers is increasingly important; trying to find out the value it has to offer again, to the world.

teslaElon Musk wants to produce Tesla electric cars and batteries in Europe - Portugal is being studied as one of the locations.

Tesla management is said to have been talking ‘at the highest level’ within Portugal’s government to install its European giga-factory in the sun-blessed country.

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