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Video Tours of the Towns & Villages of the Algarve

Video Tours of the Towns & Villages of the Algarve.Check out the towns and villages of the Algarve from the comfort of your chair, to find out everything you need to know about the culture, history and helpful tips for the location of your choice.

The mission of Algarve Addicts' Nick Robinson is to reveal what life is really like inside the Algarve and Portugal, as a foreigner living in the country.

Just click on the video pin on the map below of the location you'd like to know more about!

"We want to help expats transition seamlessly and effortlessly into a normal, productive and integrated life in Portugal through the entertaining use of digital content. I have made a lot of videos, starting in November 2020, about where to live in the Algarve. I am regularly adding new videos each week, focusing on different areas of the Algarve and what life is like in Portugal living as an expat."

Subscribe to Algarve Addicts YouTube channel here, to get regular updates.

Listen to Algarve Addicts podcasts on SpotifyApple Podcasts or Google Podcasts.

W: https://algarveaddicts.com/

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