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Quarteira - The Algarve's Riviera

Quarteira - The Algarve's RivieraQuarteira has the best of both worlds: authentic Algarve with its promenade, cobbled streets and lively fishing community, and a world class resort with entertainment for all ages. Despite the fast-paced development of the local tourism and hospitality industries in recent years, Quarteira has managed to keep its charm intact.

The palm-lined Avenida Infante de Sagres promenade is Quarteira's equivalent of a high street where locals and holidaymakers flock to people-watch, drink and dine, and enjoy the lovely view out to the sea.

Blue Flag Beach at QuarteiraSeaside property in Quarteira's central areas has mostly been snapped up by hoteliers and individuals buying to let, but you can find the rare gem in amongst these, particularly if you are looking for investment.

Many of these flats boast views towards Quarteira's sandy Blue Flag beach. This is accessible to people with limited mobility. Thanks to the breakwaters, the beach is also considered one of the safer ones for kids.

Quarteira Lifestyle

In terms of shopping, there is the usual Algarve-style food market with fresh fish and vegetables sold daily, as well as a weekly gypsy market on Wednesdays, which is great for bargain hunters. Residents also have the choice of a number of supermarkets.

Quarteira - The Algarve's RivieraActive lifestyle lovers will be pleased to hear Quarteira lies at the heart of the Algarve's golf scene with five premier golf courses located nearby. Unwind after a game at one of the many bars and discos or the nearby Vilamoura casino.

Quarteira Property

The local real estate market offers property from one bedroom apartments in Quarteira to multiple-bedroom villas. Many apartment buildings feature shared swimming pools.

Although there are certainly more apartments to choose from, the villas for sale in Quarteira are really worth considering. Located in the outskirts of town, these have ample space for swimming pools and sprawling gardens.

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+1 #2 honest karl 2015-09-16 21:54
ignore chjp the duck,hes totally quackers, the ugly building site is a new promanard road they are linking villa moura marina with the seafront fish market,all of 400 metres long if you walk, if you drive its 600 mtrs, if you follow the bus it could be a mile. so the new road is for chips benifit so he does,nt have a mile round trip,and he moans about it, :lol:
+1 #1 Chip the Duck 2015-08-10 11:56
I went to Quarteira earlier this year for the first time.

I thought it was pretty scruffy and access to the beach required a mile round trip to avoid an ugly building site at the top of the beach.

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