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Armação de Pêra

Armação de peraArmação de Pera is an old fishing port which has become a favourite resort among Portuguese holidaymakers. Although very busy during high season, throughout the rest of the year it's quite the tranquil retreat, which many expats now call home.

Due to its continuous expansion, Armação de Pera has no one single town centre, but rather numerous little hives of activity with shops, restaurants and bars, many of which are located on the ground floor of the town's plentiful high rises.

A favourite resort among Portuguese holidaymakersIndeed, when looking for property in Armação de Pera, many apartments are in tall buildings with stunning views towards the ocean. There is an eclectic mix of architecture here with low lying old cottages sitting cosily among the apartment blocks.

Some of the nicest features of Armação de Pera are:

► the 'old village', which is the area most steeped in history

► the 17th century fort remains on the beach, built to defend the village from pirates

► the little network of streets opposite the fort that boasts some of the prettiest houses and most laidback neighbourhood restaurants in town.

► the fabulous beaches, all within a short distance of town

Armação de Pera is a coastal town in Central Algarve, in the county of SilvesWhen it comes to dining, there are also many eateries along the seafront in the the 'old village' part of town where many menus feature a variety of fresh fish.
There are many apartments for sale in Armação de Pera, as well as quintas and cottages, all located within the town itself. Armação de Pera villas are located in the suburbs and hills that encircle the town, and are pretty much guaranteed to have awe-inspiring views across the water, town or both.

Armação de Pera is a coastal town in Central Algarve, in the county of Silves.

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0 #2 Magdemey 2015-03-15 13:45
I live 2,5km from the center, so really good, considering holliday makers are mostly quiet Portuguese families(compared for inst. To Albufeira), and always a good choice of bars and restaurants open throughout the winter...
No regret.
+3 #1 mm 2015-03-13 07:16
armaco de pera is one the best examples of construction gone mad, every bit of land used up for another apartment block with no thought for any green areas, parks etc

has nice beach and restaurants etc but hard to classify as a dream spot

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