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Carvoeiro - Clifftop Resort on the Sea

CarvoeiroCarvoeiro is no high rise resort, but it does boast many contemporary properties in the new residential areas that have popped up as the town continues to expand. Historically, the town played a part in Roman history and the naval industry which is reflected in its original architecture.

Although there is no big city centre, there are plenty of shops scattered throughout town, many of which are catered towards the expat Carvoeiro property owners so you can expect to be able to buy groceries from home and Western Europe.

One of the most popular attractions in Carvoeiro is its beach set in a bay, surrounded by stunning coastal cliffs. Here, you can try your hand at an array of watersports:

► diving

► jet skiing

► paddle boating

► waterskiing

Carvoeiro - Clifftop Resort on the SeaFor a little more relaxed experience on the water, take an organised boat tour to see the caves along the shoreline. Some of these can be admired from dry land as well, from the many trails snaking through the cliffs.

Walk up to Cabo de Carvoeiro Lighthouse for really grand views of the area and take a peek at the 'algares' along the way. These are holes where the sea has eaten away at the cliff! Fortunately, they're fenced off.

At 'Algar Seco' you can see more of nature's creations. The sight is home to numerous grottos, islets and water chimneys carved into the cliff by the sea.

Many of the villas for sale in Carvoeiro are located in the hills overlooking the town and the ocean. Some of the less extravagant Carvoeiro apartments and townhouses are located very centrally.

Carvoeiro is a coastal resort in the county of Lagoa.

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