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Planning An Amazing Road Trip In Algarve

PLANNING AN AMAZING ROAD TRIP IN ALGARVESeated at the southernmost region of Portugal is the region of Algarve. Over a hundred beaches in the region boast some of the world's most beautiful waters, great for any water activity imaginable. More than that, they offer some of the most beautiful and well-preserved historical landmarks in Portugal. 

Life In Old Spain - Part 6

LIFE IN OLD SPAIN - PART 6Fiesta time. I turned a bend in the road. The flat plain dropped down to a gulley, and there in front of me was a whole village of people dressed in bright clothes walking off into the trees.

Life In Old Spain - Part 5

LIFE IN OLD SPAIN - PART 5Cave Houses. I am in the middle of translating Lorca's Romancero Gitano, or Gypsy Ballads, and I can't understand what the heck he is writing about. I translate the words, but that doesn't seem to help.

Life In Old Spain - Part 4

LIFE IN OLD SPAIN - PART 4Playing Golf in Church.  It's Sunday morning. The men are grumbling. They don't want to go to church.

5 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in SPAIN

5 TOP-RATED TOURIST ATTRACTIONS IN SPAIN - Photo by Aleksandar Pasaric from PexelsAre you a tourist planning on visiting Spain? Are you not sure which attractions are the best and worthwhile? Don’t worry; we are here to help you. This article will give you a good idea about the amazing spots in Spain that are a must for a tourist to visit.

Life In Old Spain - Part 3

THE APARTMENT - PART 4Clapping for the key. "You must see the Puerta del Sol. You should also go to the cathedral and the royal palace, and the park. Then you must visit the Prado. There is much to see in Madrid." The waiter clearly had a totally different view of Madrid from my friends in Barcelona. But then he was a Madrileño.

Improving The Accessibility Of Travel And Leisure In The Algarve

IMPROVING THE ACCESSIBILITY OF TRAVEL AND LEISURE IN THE ALGARVEAs part of Portugal’s new plans to support greater inclusion, the 360 degrees accessibility programme proposes the development of increased access to transportation infrastructure and public facilities for people with disabilities. In the Algarve, both tourists and residents with mobility issues can take advantage of a range of accessible travel options, and find support to access a variety of leisure activities.

Life In Old Spain - Part 2

LIFE IN OLD SPAIN - PART 2I loved Barcelona, and kept returning, but I hadn't really thought about anywhere else in Spain. As far as I was concerned Spain was Catalunya, and that was that. But one day I was sitting in a hotel lobby talking to an American guy who insisted I should go to Madrid. I wasn't so sure. I looked at the place on the map. The city was miles from anywhere, stuck in a hollow surrounded by mountain ranges, cut off from every other part of Spain. What on earth did anyone want to go to Madrid for?